Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Black Cat

An illustration done for Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat"...

Monkey Love

My first Leica Reel! Had a lot of fun with this:)
(Don't know why the clip is cut off on the right it to see it on Youtube.= =)

Feefee and Keekee!

Bao the Evil

Out of My Way!

Walk and Run animation and character development...

End of FIrst Semester~~~

Finally winter breakkkk! Time to sit back relax and enjoy some boookssss~

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Weight lift and toss, first character animation!!! Had loads of fun with this one, although the process of adding the clothes and secondary action took wayyy longer than expected, and I was dried out near the end, to be honest. Stayed up a few nights at the end, hence the scribbly lines...

Are we there yet?

Wave-boat-sack is mostly special effects animation, I enjoyed animating the splash nonetheless.

First story board assignment

The first assignment I pulled an all-nighter on= =

Sketch dump!

2 months into the school year already! WHOOOSH! time flies too fast.
2nd year is as busy as I expected, on average 1 hour less sleep than last year. XDD I pulled some all-nighters though...uugh hate last-minute panick attacks!:( Well i'm sure there'll be more, a lot more, so I definitely need to learn time management.

I wish there was more time to sketchhhh><

and some leftovers from the summer