Sunday, August 15, 2010

Super Massive Growing-and-Shrinking-Head Man

I have to admit I'm quite possibly one of the slowest animators in existence today.

Been doing this one on and off for a couple weeks, and baby Tarzan turned from the most gorgeous cartoon baby ever to a bald alien infant haha... Too lazy to fix it afterwards..and to add the arms...= = But anyway, what I would do differently if I were to do it again:


-More subtle chewing action

-More natural sniffing action, and a bit of reaction time before swallowing it

-Change the shape of the mouth in the coughing part

-Better timing on the frown, maybe less frames

-Pull him back more in the anticipation.

etc. etc.

The last part was the hardest, when I first tested it was a total fail haha~ but now it should look like coughing somewhat...?

What I'm happy with though, is the part where he spits out the grass(or whatever it is)~~took the least amount of framesXDD

Any advice would be appreciated!


  1. where is it?! am i just blind.D: I dont seeee it

  2. Maybe it's just the internet...try refreshing it? it is annoying like that...

  3. i cant see your other one either..Orz

  4. I had to use internet explorere=3= human is harder eh..
    Weight lift looks pretty good=O
    other then the mouse should probably have some expression when it was lifting it should be slower at first to show more weight, and quicker at lifting up in towards the end . it is very even speed right now .......o.o i think yaXD

    so envious that you actually did animations..Orz

  5. yea i kept adding more frames to the beginning part but it was never enough :O
    and i was thinking when he's lifting it I should space it evenly...but seems like I should space it out after all><
    thanks for the advice:D