Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Face painting and Caricatures!

IT'S BEEN LOOOOOONG. This is the most unproductive summer I've had, still recovering from the art block, but I'm comin' back! Half of my summer was spent in China, and it was fantastic. Although at the same time it also melted away my work ethic...
I went and did caricatures at Anime thon a coupla days ago, it was funnnnn! On the second day my hand was sore from 6 hours of drawing non-stop, couldn't even go pee! haha I didn't expect there to be so many people. It sure was gratifying to see people smile when they see their caricatures!
The rest are some pics from face painting at Heritage Festival in Edmonton..this is my second time volunteering, I enjoyed it very much.

First one is a commission I did (this was from last year actually) of some Korean pop star XD


  1. very nice caricatures Rebecca, your work have improved alot since last I've seen it!

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